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        1. Privacy Policy

          Takashima & Co., Ltd. (“Takashima”) is dedicated to protecting the personal information (i.e., information which can distinguish or identify each individual) of visitors to Takashima’s website (www.jinwushii.com). To that end, Takashima has established and follows the privacy policy as mentioned below.
          This privacy policy only applies to personal information of the visitors collected through this website. Takashima is not responsible for protecting personal information collected through websites operated by those other than Takashima, which are linked from this website.

          1. Collection of personal information
            When Takashima collects personal information from a visitor to this website, Takashima will, in advance, notify the visitor of the purpose, extent of use, and potential recipients of such personal information.
          2. Use of personal information
            Takashima uses the collected personal information to the extent that a visitor to this website has been notified in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
          3. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties
            Takashima will not disclose any personal information of the visitors collected through this website to third parties unless it is deemed justifiable to do so.
          4. Control of personal information
            Takashima controls the personal information of the visitors collected through this website appropriately and takes security measures by reasonable means in order to prevent personal information from being lost, destroyed, misused, altered, divulged, or accessed by an unauthorized person.
          5. Miscellaneous
            Takashima complies with applicable Japanese laws with regard to the protection of personal information. This privacy policy may be changed by Takashima, if it may deem it appropriate to do so or in accordance with amendment of such applicable laws or otherwise.
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