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        1. Mid-term management plan

          Japanese text only.

          Takashima Co.Ltd 100th anniversary of the foundation.
          Our goal is to be a reliable company to meet the expectations of all of the stakeholders such as shareholders , customers, business partners , employees.
          We start a new mid-term managemant plan「SASUTENA2020」 from April 2016.


          We contribute to conversion for a sustainable society through our business


          Changing of Business structure & portfolio to maintain a sustainable growth


          • Sales '+20% Growth (\110,000M)
          • Net income \2,000M
          • ROE over 10%
          Consolidated sales
          Consolidated net income


          We will promote the DANTOTSU strategy of Takashima unique with building of a robust governance system, Internal control and compliace system reinforcement, Cost reduction by improvement of the productivity and Expansion of business territory and function by M&A.

          1Further adnvancement through our DANTOTSU ("be the best") strategy

          Provide unique solutions in the following fields of Energy Saving, Weight Saving, and Labor Saving.

          2Expansion of business field and functionality enhancement through the promotion of M&As

          Proactively engage in M&A activities with the aim of expanding new businesses and strengthening value-added functions by advancing the transformation of our business portfolios.
          Promptly generate synergies throughout the group by focusing our efforts on the effective integration of our M&A deals.

          3Acquire a cost effective edge through productivity enhancement

          Provide further cost effectiveness by conducting a review of our entire business and implement aggressive measures such as systemization, to improve on productivity.

          4Enhance corporate governance

          Continue to actively formulate a governance system by incorporating audit and supervisory committees and increasing the number of outside directors.

          Data disclosed in this document including predictions related to the future are based on available information gathered prior to the publication of this document.
          Therefore, there are no guarantees made with regards to the company's objectives and business performance due to the possible changes in economic conditions and market trends.

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