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        1. History

          Takashima Co.Ltd 100th anniversary of the foundation.

          This is also support of our many suppliers and partners like everyone,
          we would like to thank from the bottom of my heart.
          Thank you also look forward for many years to come your patronage in the future.


          1915 Oct. Establishment
          1931 Dec. "Takashimaya Shoten Unlimited Partnership" was established"
          1932 Mar. Osaka Office Open
          1933 Dec. Akabane Sewing Plant built
          1939 Jul. Changed Company Name to "Takashimaya Kogyou Co.,Ltd."
          1949 May. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
          Oct. Changed Company Name to "Takashima & Co.,Ltd."
          1960 Mar. Nagoya Office Open
          1961 Oct. Hokkaido Office Open
          1962 Feb. Kyushu Office Open
          1965 Oct. 50th Anniversary
          1976 Oct. Tohoku Office, Chugoku Office, Shikoku Office Open
          1991 Jun. Increased Capital to 3.801 Billion Yen.
          2002 Dec. Shanghai Office(China)Open
          2005 Oct. 90th Anniversary
          2009 Apr. "SASUTENAⅡ" Start
          2010 Apr. New Management Setup
          2012 Apr. "SASUTENA 100" Start
          2013 Nov. Headquarter Relocation
          2015 Oct. 100th Annniversary
          2016 Apr. "SASUTENA 2020" Start
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