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        1. Environmental Policy

          Environmental Policy

          Basic Idea for Environmental Activities

          Takashima & Co., Ltd.’s corporate mission is,
          “Contribute to Society through our Business Activities”
          and consider global environmental conservation as an indispensable part of our businesses.
          We all understand that “society and the economy can not be sustainable without protecting the global environment”,
          and purposely conduct ecology-conscious business activities.

          Action Guidelines

          1. We strive to be an eco-friendly company, and promote energy and resource savings through our business operations.
          2. We comply with environmental laws and keep improving our self-management standards to prevent environmental pollution in our production and construction.
          3. We actively promote environmentally friendly products which contribute to the reduction of pollution and contribute to the prevention of global warming.
          4. We plan, do, check, and take action based on the standards of the Environmental Management System.
          5. We acquaint and educate all employees to understand the Environmental Policy standards, and be more conscious of the well-being of the environment.
          6. We make environmental policy available to the public through internet websites and company brochures.


          All domestic offices of Takashima & Co., Ltd. and its three subsidiaries
          Hi-Land MP Corporation, iTak International(Japan) Co., Ltd.
          TAKCEL CO.,LTD.(Acquisition date March, 2000)
          are certified according to ISO-14001.

          ISO14001 ISO14001

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